Privacy is your right.

Thank you for visiting Here’s an overview of our approach to data processing, privacy and security.

To us privacy means putting you into control of your data. We will only process data to deliver a service to you.

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Data collection

By design, we do not collect or store your data that you give us. Instead we allow you to login using your Google account. And we store your personal data inside your own Google Drive. All your data goes right from your device to Google's servers. We never see your data nor have any access to it.

When you login with Google, we will ask you to provide us access to your Google Drive. We ask for read- and write-access to the files that we create, or the files that you explicitly select to use. We use this to create a new file, or save your updates into an existing file. We have never access to your other files. We store the access token from Google only on your device, and this token never leaves that device.

When you want to remove your data, you simple need to remove that file from your Google Drive. That's all financial data we have from you.

We collect user analytics that include the number of visits, the country and the page url. We use the salted SHA-256 hash of your IP address and User Agent to connect page views accross sessions.

We collect your email address to verify if you have purchased the premium verion. We do not use your email address for anything else.

Your rights

Your data is yours. You should control it. It is stored in your own Google Drive: view it, remove it or make your own backups. The choice is yours.

Your email address and user analytics are removed 90 days after your last visit.

External partners

Building on our own would not be possible. We use other services to help us deliver you

We use Cloudflare to host the actual website and deliver you all content served on the domain. Cloudflare collects statistics about the number of requests. Cloudflare also stores a security cookie on your device, this cookie does not store any personally identifiable information. You can review Cloudflare's privacy policy here.

We use several Google services. We use Google Drive to store the data you enter into into your own Google Drive space. We use Google Analytics to collect page views. We use Firebase to gather statistics and crash reports for the Android app. We use Google Play Billing for accepting payments inside the Android app. You can review Google's privacy policy here.

We use Stripe for accepting payments. For paying customers, Stripe collects payment information like your credit card number. When you start a subscription, we will share your email address with Stripe to send payment confirmations and reminders. You can review Stripe's privacy policy here.

Is your personal data secure?

Your data is securely stored into your own Google Drive. We also make use of the latest security best practices and will continue to do so.

If we make a mistake we will own it and ensure we don't make it again.

Will we update our privacy policy?

We almost certainly will. We plan to keep growing our business. As that happens, how we use data will evolve, as long as it aligns to our core values.

This version is dated the 16/08/2020.